About Open Water - Why Switch?

Open Water - More choice for you

What is Open Water?

The retail water market is ‘opening up’ thanks to Open Water, allowing existing and new providers to compete for your business. 

What does this mean for me?

From April 2017, if you run a business, charity or public sector organisation, you’ll be able to choose for the first time which company provides retail services for your water and wastewater.

Retail services include things like billing, water meter reading and customer services.

At SSWB we can offer you the best possible price for your water and wastewater and access to the highest levels of retail services, offering you fantastic value for money.

You’ll also get exclusive access to some of the best products and services on the market – helping you get the very most from your water and wastewater services.

Other benefits include account management, accurate and transparent billing solutions and fast and efficient customer service.

What this means for existing South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water customers

If you are an existing South Staffs Water or Cambridge Water customer, your water account will automatically transfer to SSWB.

We think it makes sense to continue to receive one bill for your water, wastewater and, if required, trade effluent services.

Register your interest with us now and from April we’ll be able to provide you with one bill and one point of contact for all three, as well as some of the lowest tariffs.

Switching supplier is easy and our account team are on hand to talk you through the process and answer any further questions.

Click here for three good reasons to switch to SSWB or to register your interest.

Why are things changing?

The Open Water programme is delivering a government commitment to lower customers’ bills and increase standards via increased competition.

Defra, Ofwat and Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL) − a private company owned by market participants − are partners in delivering the work needed to provide ‘Open Water.’

Until now, the ability to switch was open only to England’s very biggest water customers – the 2,200 organisations using more than five million litres a year.

From April 2017, 1.2 million eligible businesses, charities, and public sector organisations will also be able to choose their water and wastewater retailer.

They will be able to switch to benefit from lower prices and improved customer service, such as advice on water management and efficiency or on finding and tackling leaks on their premises.

How will it work?

The Open Water market will work like many other open utility markets, such as telecoms, electricity and gas.

In the Open Water market, retailers will buy wholesale services - the physical supply of water and removal of wastewater - and package them up with other retail services. This will provide better value, better service and greater opportunity.

Retailers will compete for your business for services such as billing, water meter reading and customer services.

Switching will be simple and straightforward – customers will need to contact their chosen retailer, who will make all the necessary arrangements in a timely fashion.  

The Open Water website, www.open-water.org.uk has more information for businesses, charities and public sector organisations about how the new market will work.

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